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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little League Practice Plan

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Coaching the Little League A, AA and AAA divisions (ages 7-10 and some 11's), here is a great practice drill that covers alot for every player on the field.

Line up 8 players at C, 1b, 2b, 3b, ss and 3 OF's.. Even though the A and AA levels play with 4 OF's..

Take the remaining players and they are batting and runners.

Batters are doing tee work from home plate. This gives one on one instruction for hitters.
Runners are treating each tee hit as a live ball and running. Fielders are playing live action.
Batter hits 10 times.
After each batter, everyone rotates positions. Batter to OF, and around until 1b comes in to run.

No pitcher for safety...

3 outs resets the runners normally.

This creates rapid opportunities for all situations.
Infield fly rule, shots to the fence for cut offs and backups, runners picking up base coaches.
Hitters get 1 on 1 instruction for swing tweeks.
Runners get practice for choosing routes to round bases.

Don't forget to move the tee inside and outside to spray the ball around the field. Many of you probably have the tees with multiple positions on the base.

You can make games out of it by counting the runs that each batter produces, or outs for each batter.

In less than 45 minutes, every player gets to play every position for 10 "game situation" hits. And every batter gets 1 on 1 instruction for tee work.

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