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Reno Baseball Blog

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to drive through the ball.

This is one of the better explanations I've seen on how to drive through the ball. I've always taken baby steps with my teaching. Kid who arm swings, teach how to swivel the hips. Long swing, hands inside the ball as your hips rotate.  Knowing full well that they really need long term training with proper technique. 

Here is a video that explains how to rotate, when to, and why.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Winter Skills Program

Over at the Muckdogs website they are having a Winter Skills Camp  December 30, 31 & Jan 2nd.  Click the link and check out the flier.

While on the Muckdogs site, I saw this..
Congratulations to the 2010 19U Muckdogs baseball team for going undefeated in the 2010 Joe DiMaggio League World Series. A great team effort headed by Manager Ken Camel and assistant coaches Bret Pagni and Matt Rutledge.
Tip your hats to the tournaments Most Valuable Pitcher Tyler Osborne and Most Valuable Player Chris Stocker of the Muckdogs Baseball Club.
The Muckdogs organization would like to send a Thank You to family and fans for all of their support this year. With hard work and dedication we have met this year’s team goals.
That is really impressive!  Looks like Bret and Ken have some awesome things going on over there.

For all things Muckdog related, head on over to   For all training and other services, check out Bret's Baseball Academy and their indoor facility off Glendale.

Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Safety First

From Little League corporate today I received this email...  Talk about a huge blow to the manufacturers.  Willing to bet there are some huge blowout sales coming up!!

"September 1, 2010
TO: Local Little League Presidents, District Administrators, and Regional Field Staff
FROM: Patrick W. Wilson, Vice President of Operations, Little League International
RE: Moratorium on Composite Bats in the Junior League, Senior League, and Big League Divisions of Baseball
A moratorium on the use of composite bats in the Junior, Senior, and Big League Baseball Divisions of Little League was enacted on Aug. 27, 2010, by the Little League International Board of Directors, effective immediately. The moratorium shall be in effect until further notice by Little League International.
The moratorium covers all games and practices only in the three divisions referenced above. It closely follows a similar moratorium approved in July 2010 by the National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS), based on a recommendation from its Baseball Rules Committee. The NFHS Board enacted a rule to prohibit the use of composite bats until they can produce consistent compliance with the standards through the life of the bat
Waivers of the moratorium may be considered by Little League International in certain circumstances. For 2011, a manufacturer may apply for a waiver of the moratorium for a particular model of composite bat if all of the requirements for a waiver, as established by Little League International, are satisfied. Composite bats that are certified by an approved independent testing laboratory as meeting the current Ball Exit Speed Ratio (BESR), and the Accelerated Break-In (ABI) procedure, will be eligible for the waiver in 2011. Little League International will provide a list of bat models, if any, that receive waivers of the moratorium.
Not covered under the Little League moratorium are wood bats, metal bats, or bats that have composite materials in the handle only. A composite bat is one that has a metal shell, but a woven composite of fibers on the inside of the barrel portion of the bat.
Currently, the moratorium on composite bats does not apply to the Little League Baseball (Majors) Division and below, nor does it apply to any division of softball. Little League International, in consultation with independent experts, anticipates being able to provide local league constituents clear direction regarding composite bats in the Little League Baseball (Majors) 12-and-under divisions, prior to the start of the 2011 season.
Patrick W. Wilson
Vice President of Operations"